Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spirit and Abortion

This is a non-traditional perspective on spirit and abortion. I know there are different views on this. This is mine.

Each woman is different in how she perceives pregnancy and abortion. For some women they have worked out their beliefs and how to make sense of abortion in a spiritual context, but for many women the choice to have an abortion brings a spiritual crisis. A woman may question when life begins, if there is a God and what makes a person good or bad.

Our access to abortion has meant that now we are burdened by choice. Whereas once our grandmothers were burdened by pregnancy and childbirth every year without reprieve, we are burdened by choice. What is right? What is wrong? We weigh the pros and cons of making the choice to terminate a pregnancy.

Choice is a gift, but it is also fraught with difficulty. We can only rely on our logic and our on our conscience when we need to decide what is best our self, our partner, our children and the fetus we have not met. Often our logic and our conscience are in opposition.

Many women cannot work out logically how they can possibly proceed with a unintended pregnancy. Each woman may have many things that prevent her from thinking it’s a good idea to have a child right now. However, her conscience fears that there may already be an individual spirit or soul connected to the pregnancy. A woman in this circumstance may fear that she is killing a soul or an individual spirit and in this, feels separate from God or Spirit.

I believe that when a woman has an abortion, although she does indeed terminate or kill the fetus on a physical level, she cannot kill spirit. We don’t have that power. If there is an individual spirit connected to a pregnancy, it is so much closer to the place from where it came- its original spiritual source- than it is to the physical plane. The spirit simply returns home.

It’s really a bit arrogant to believe that we can kill spirit or energy. This is the stuff the whole entire universe is made from. Who am I to be able to kill that? I can only control some things in the physical world, not the matter of the whole universe. That’s the burden of something or someone greater than I. It is not me.

On the spiritual plane that spirit or life-energy continues. If there is an individual spirit connected to a pregnancy, it may choose (or be chosen) to return to this physical place, but it may not. Maybe the purpose of that spirit was simply to be the fetus that you terminated. Perhaps the turbulent emotions or the changes that have come from this pregnancy and abortion are the message to you. And that is all you needed from this spirit. However, maybe that spirit will be connected to you again in the future in some way. If there really is meant to be a little spirit or soul for you to know, you will. You can’t stop that.

I read on a poster somewhere:

“ You are NOT in charge of the entire universe. That’s my job. Love, God.”

I believe that is true.

With love,